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An Exuberant Wedding Of A Lovely Kongu Bride And Her Prince Charming

Date: 22/11/2017

Raveena Gunaseelan being an MBA Graduate and Kirthi Vishnu a textile exporter, were found apt for each other by their families. It was a typical arranged marriage of two hearts and souls alike. Their parents met both families at the temple and took things further. Later, the couple met and took things even more farther which ended in a beautiful marriage.

They had a ‘urudhi vaarthai’ between two families and that took place in June, 2017. Let’s listen to the bride herself as she talks joyously over her wedding preps.

“Our engagement took place on the 2nd of November followed by the Muhurtham that was on the 3rd.For our engagement, I wore a florescent green traditional silk saree from A.S Babu Sah, Kanchipuram and my blouse was designed by @mantra-the-design-studioclothing#. Kirthi Vishnu wore a bandi kurti which was custom-made as per his likes by Gabbana Life, Chennai.

All my silk sarees for the engagement, reception and muhurtham were from A S Babu Sah, Kanchipuram. All of Kirthi Vishnu’s suits were custom-made by Gabbana Life, Chennai and his silk shirt and dhothi were from Varamahalakshmi Silks.

All my blouses were again designed by @mantra-the-design-studioclothing#, Coimbatore. My reception blouse was in the shade of red and everybody loved my blouse more than the saree. I received so many compliments.

All my jewelry were custom-made by Ramya Aunty. She is a family friend and did every single piece of jewelry worth flaunting. My haaram for the Muhurtham was from Big shop.

The diamond jewelry set presented to me by my husband was from Kirthilal’s, Coimbatore.


Makeup for all the events was by Makeup Shabas  and hairstyles were by Gopi anna. They both did a tremendous job. I did not say anything but the moment he saw my skin he knew what to do with it. He gave me flawless looks and every look was so natural and perfect.

Photography for all events were by Studio A. Needless to say, Amar anna did an amazing job with the photography and most importantly with the editing. It was on point and I received so many compliments. Every one of my family members loved the pictures and videos alike.

We also had a traditional photography team headed by Ilangovan Subramanian. Besides Studio A, they too did an amazing job with traditional photography.

Decorations for all events were by Yakshaa. They did an amazing job with the peacock decorations that I loved the most. Catering was by Nagaraj from Maadhampatti. Like we all know, Madhapatti is very famous for it’s food spreads and so was this one. Every food item tasted delicious.


Our Muhurtham took place in a typical Tamil murai. It is a very familiar sort of a Muhurtham among Kongu people. Instead of a priest we would incorporate someone called an ‘odhuvaar’ and he chants and recites mantras and slogans for the Muhurtham.

I had a personal dermatologist since I was a child. Her name is Kavitha and she runs a clinic called ‘Skin trust’ in Karur. I took her advice and went for skin peelings before the wedding.



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