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This Incredible Photo Shoot Of A Ravishing Mom Is A True Inspiration

20th Aug 2017

Jaya Mahesh.  The founder of Jaya Mahesh Body Sculpting Therapy and who was also crowned Mrs. I......

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Rendezvous With Friends Of The Bride

16th May 2017

In the traditional sense, Indian weddings are said to be all about two families coming together. Tha......

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A Story Of Sisters Who Had The Time Of Their Lives Shopping For Their Brother’s Wedding!

3rd May 2017

We know how brides and grooms feel about their wedding. We even know how the parents feel. What abou......

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Hiya Reddy's Magnificent Half Saree Ceremony As Grand As A Wedding

3rd May 2017

The Half saree function is a ceremony exclusively followed by South Indian families. Swetha Reddy fr......

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Guide To Dress Up Perfectly As A Guest - Meet The Guests From Our Real Bride Brahmini's Wedding

25th Apr 2017

Weddings may be extremely special occasions for the bride and groom and their families. But who said......

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25 Of Our Favourite Wedding Guest Moments

13th Apr 2017

A wedding is a time to commemorate your love and to make merry with your family, friends and loved o......

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Party Time! Fun-filled Bachelorette Party For BFFs!!!

20th Oct 2016

When it's our BFF's wedding, dates and countries are just numbers and words! Wherever we are......

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5 Bachelorette Getaway Ideas That Guarantee Fun

26th Aug 2016

Before a bride gets married, she deserves some fun time with her best friends. Marriage isn't ja......

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The Elegant Sister Of The Bride - Ashwini Suresh

26th Aug 2016

Ashwini Suresh's sister recently got married and so as a part of Shopzters's latest Sister o......

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13 Handpicked Pattu Pavadai Designs To Dress Up Your Princesses

19th Jul 2016

It's the wedding season and there are always tiny little princesses who are enjoying the wedding......

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The Sister Of The Bride - Sruthy

14th Jul 2016

We have written bridal stories and discussed their clothes, jewellery and other things in detail. Ho......

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25 Bridesmaids Outfit Ideas That We Love

23rd Jun 2016

We admit that India was a bit late to get on the Bridesmaids wagon, but now that we are he......

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Momma’s Delight To Dress Up Matching With Her Lil One

21st May 2016

Every daughter's inspiration has always been her mom in the way a mom carries out herself. ......

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"My Mommy Is The Best" - Real Brides About Their Moms

10th May 2016

We happened to speak to a few brides on Mother's Day and asked them about the role played by the......

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Red Does Its Magic Again, This Time With The Bridesmaids!

20th Apr 2016

Red!!! The colour of Love! The colour of passion and richness! This bold and beautiful colour looks ......

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When The Wedding Guests Start Having Fun, It’s Something Else Entirely!

9th Apr 2016

Okay! So it's your wedding day and you are going to be super busy with jewelleries, makeup, last......

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How To Keep Kids Entertained At Weddings?

28th Mar 2016

There is a saying that goes like this: Where the kids are involved, the unexpected always happen! Er......

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Move Over Bridesmaids! We’ve Got Grooms-men Fashion-Up Now!

25th Mar 2016

Let's kick this off with some rustic like of look shall we? Give a man some suit-up scenes, he w......

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Dressing Up Your Little Fashionista For Weddings!

7th Mar 2016

It's the wedding season and your best friend's wedding is just a Sunday away! So, you have c......

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Framed Forever Family Shots Every Wedding Should Have!

17th Jan 2016

With all the busy running around, it's mostly just the hardest thing to try and get the family a......

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Experiment With Your Bridesmaids Outfits

4th Sep 2015

Indian Bridesmaids often have very limited options, so we bring to you 5 easy ways in which you can ......

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10 Types Of Relatives At An Indian Wedding

20th May 2015

That Sophisticated NRI Its the cousin who lives abroad, thinks all Indians are uncivilised and ......

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10 Emotions Every Mother Goes Through When Her Daughter Gets Married

10th May 2015

Utter Bewilderment: The first time she lays her eyes on you, all dressed up in the gorgeous bridal o......

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