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Breathtaking Bridal Never-Seen-Before Navrang Collection All In One Glance

26th Jul 2018

This exclusive collection of bridal jewellery truly represents an insignia of our culture and tradit......

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The Perfect Ear Accents For The Fine Fashionistas!!

26th Jul 2018

Hey fashionista!!! Trying to add the perfect dose of ‘pop’ to your look? Adding a statem......

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30 Single Pendant Nethichutti Designs We Spotted Recently

29th May 2018

Gone are the days when the brides chose the same old, traditional type of nethichuttis that hang as ......

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Some Classy Oddiyanams To Treat Your Big Days Right

28th May 2018

Oddiyanams have become the most inevitable part of every bride's wedding trousseau needs. Gone a......

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20 Unique Jewellery That We Spotted On Real Brides Recently

28th May 2018

There is a saying which goes like, "Classic jewelry are a bride's best friend". Well, ......

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Beauties Touched By The Soul Over The Neck

21st May 2018

Gold jewellery has always been a bride's best friend. What if the jewellery you're about to ......

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Jhumkas For All Reasons And Seasons

21st May 2018

Jhumkas! The very word brings about such fine thoughts t our minds. There are people who can never w......

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25 South Indian Jewellery Shots That We Recently Fell In Love With

8th Jan 2018

Jewelry! Ah, the very word itself brings so much joy and excitement to our hearts. We can’t fi......

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With The Right Set Of Unique Designs, These Are Going To Be Every Bride’s Favorite

9th Sep 2017

Rajatamaya, meaning “Silver lady”, with this season’s special collection would wan......

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Antique Shiva & Vishnu Pendants You Are Sure To Fall In Love With

26th Aug 2017

Jewellery isn’t just any other ornament but a whole new level of pride a bride will always wan......

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Fan of Lord Krishna? These Gorgeous Pieces Of Antique Jewellery Are Sure To Turn Many Heads

26th Aug 2017

Since the wedding season is round the corner, here are few ideas for brides who are ardent devotees ......

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15 Antique Jewellery Ganesh Designs We Fell In Love With

25th Aug 2017

Jewellery is an integral part of our Indian culture, especially during weddings. Wedding jewellery a......

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16 Different Nethi Chutti Designs We Spotted On Real Brides Recently

25th Jul 2017

Nethi Chutti is a traditional ornament that has always been a part of South Indian wedding tradition......

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22 Handcrafted Traditional South Indian Jewellery That Will Set You Apart

20th Jul 2017

A bride looks magnificent in her stunning bridal wear together with the glittering jewelry. There&rs......

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13 Gorgeous Pieces Of Jewellery For That Classic Look From Rajatamaya

5th Jun 2017

The wedding season is here and we all know that you would want to flaunt a new piece of jewellery fo......

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9 Exquisite Necklaces For The Divine Bride

2nd Jun 2017

Bridal Jewellery demands for luxurious designs. That is an unsaid rule at all Indian weddings. Here ......

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Traditional Antique Gold Jewels That Will Steal Your Heart!

26th May 2017

A radiant bride poses with massive architectural marvels in the background. An ideal photo shoot ide......

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Recreating The Look Of Devasena From Baahubali 2!

8th May 2017

Being a princess is every little girl’s dream. What about being The Queen? Become Queen Devese......

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14 Tiara Ideas You Can Try At Your Mehendi And Reception!

8th May 2017

Wedding ceremonies are meant to make the bride feel special. What could be more special than wearing......

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9 Anklet Designs To Step Into Married Life In Style!

29th Apr 2017

From babies to young damsels, from hipsters to house wives, we all love our anklets. This gorgeous p......

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20 Earrings That Will Make You Dazzle Like A Star

22nd Apr 2017

Looking for some pretty earrings that will match your dress? Kushal's Fashion Jewellery is a gr......

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12 Antique Jhumkis For Every Jhumki Lover

7th Apr 2017

Jewellery making is as much an art as it is science. Indian women love wearing both traditional and ......

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20 Signature Antique Necklace Designs You Can't Miss

6th Apr 2017

Usually people say that we girls are spoilt for choice. We have a lot of adornments to wear on any o......

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13 Jewellery Designs You Can Wear For Various Occasions

14th Mar 2017

New collections from Sri Vasavi Thanga Maligai could not have differed more with each other,but......

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Sparkle Like You Mean It!

6th Jan 2017

When you take special care to wear the right jewellery to your friend’s or your cousin’s......

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Beautiful Hair Accessories From Moggina Jade By Renu!

23rd Nov 2016

A Woman’s crowning glory is her hair! So when she is getting married, isn’t it but obvio......

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25 Floral Jewellery Inspirations That Re-establish The Power Of The Flower At Weddings!

1st Nov 2016

New trends are coming up in the Wedding Industry! Old is taking its place at the top amongst the new......

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Ithiassic – Gold Jewellery That Is A Feast For The Eyes!

25th Oct 2016

'Ithiassic' which has been derived from the word 'Ithiaas' means History o......

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Bridal Jewellery Ideas For The Traditional And The Contemporary Bride!

18th Oct 2016

Perfectly matching Bridal Jewellery is almost as important as the Saree itself! They make or break t......

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Vintage Beauty - A Silver Jewellery Collection

1st Oct 2016

Silver jewellery adds a quaint rustic beauty to our ethnic attire. It transforms our simple, elegant......

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Pretty Colourful Baubles

8th Sep 2016

Jewellery adds to our beauty. And sometimes we add beauty to it. Maybe it's the colour and its i......

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From Traditional To Trendy In Earrings

3rd Sep 2016

Earrings! Don't we love earrings! We have boxes full of them, we even have the segregated! One b......

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20 Latest Necklace Inspirations From Kushals Fashion Jewellery

31st Aug 2016

Some might say we girls are spoilt for choice. We have a lot of adornments to wear on any occasion, ......

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The Master Craftsman At Work - The Making Of Queens Jewels

30th Aug 2016

We love shopping! If it's for Jewellery, it's even better! We go to a shop, we select a desi......

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10 Malayali Brides Who Easily Carried All The Gold

4th Aug 2016

Malayali brides are known to pick layers of gold to sport on their wedding day, despite the varying ......

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Upgrade Your Mehendi Jewellery With Gota

3rd Aug 2016

Gota Jewellery is the latest trend that we couldn't wait to bring to you. It's fragile and d......

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The Exclusive Earrings

23rd Jul 2016

Gone are the days when brides got sets of jewellery that matched, from the bangles to the rings and ......

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Must Have Nose Rings for Every South Indian Bride

21st Jul 2016

A traditional trend that has caught on with the times and found many variations to stay a part of th......

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20 New Ways To Experiment With Different Hair Accessories

18th Jul 2016

If you are an Indian bride there is a high probability that your outfit and jewellery easily weights......

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For The Radiating Bride - 20 Neck Pieces That Caught Our Eye

16th Jul 2016

We've found a collection of antique jewellery that'll make you stand out at any function. Cr......

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Hand - Picked Accessories And Lovely Pics - A Delight To Watch!!

20th Jun 2016

The schedule of a wedding can be pretty hectic for a bride, shopping for clothes, jewelry, shoes and......

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Anklets – The Pleasing Tinkling Musical Ornament!!!

18th May 2016

One could immediately remember the jingling sound the bells create!!Though Anklets are worn by women......

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Bring Out Your Wild Side, With The Help Of Some Crazy Head Gear!

4th Apr 2016

We definitely need to bring a lot of fun element into our weddings and one idea would be to make use......

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In Talks With A Destined Signature Jewellery Designer!

29th Mar 2016

When you go all the way to customize your saree and design the extraordinaire, extravagant blouses t......

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Flower jewellery to enhance the princess in you!

2nd Mar 2016

Royal, elegant, beautiful, colourful! Umpteen terms to describe flowers! Who does not love them? Her......

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Elegant Flower-Crowns Are Finding Their Way to Prove Their Charm!

26th Feb 2016

While stone worked tiaras and hair accessories are the usual choice most brides go with, here are so......

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These Brides Sure Knew How To Rock The ‘Bling’! For The Love Of Gold!

12th Feb 2016

Wondering how much is A Lot? While you may think minimizing on the accessories will help, these gorg......

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Kaasu Maalai - A South Indian Bridal Jewellery Must Have!

26th Jan 2016

As much as the trending jewellery seem to appear in all new-age designs, brides easily go in fo......

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Eclectic Collections From Kushals!

25th Dec 2015

Every bride deserves beautiful jewellery to complement her wedding trousseau. Take your pick from an......

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These Maanga Maalais Are Absolutely Irresistible!

15th Dec 2015

The only way to bridge Traditional and Trend is only by getting a little bit creative on the designs......

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Round It Up With Elegance!

22nd Sep 2015

"Some are like fields of sunlit corn, Meet for a bride on her bridal morn, Some, like the......

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Brides And Beautiful Shoes

15th Sep 2015

Next on your check list after the bridal wear will be your perfect looking shoes to match them. You ......

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From Mughal To Modern! - Kundan Jewellery

8th Sep 2015

Times have changed since all our mothers got married. Now, young brides all over want to experiment ......

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8 Bridal Accessories You mustn't Miss!

2nd Jun 2015

A bride needs the perfect accessories to complete her look. We bring to you, 8 bridal accessories th......

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Time To Turn Traditional & Flaunt These Vintage Beauties

10th Mar 2015

Flaunt yourself with these vintage designs that will set you a class apart! Such ethnic designs are ......

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12 Bridal Jewellery Trends To Watch For In 2015!

24th Feb 2015

Wedding season has arrived. Guess you brides are enthusiastically thinking up ideas to make your big......

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Muhurtham Jewels for the South Indian Bride

17th Feb 2015

Families have met. Promising words have been exchanged.  Auspicious dates on the calendars......

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Trending Oddiyanam Designs that we love!

13th Jan 2015

Oddiyanam is an attractive belt like jewellery adorned by women to keep the saree intact. It is usua......

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9 Jhumka Types That Add Sparkle To Your Wedding Day!

23rd Dec 2014

Jhumka is a must in any South Indian Wedding. I know how much South Indian brides love it, including......

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9 Nethi Chutti styles every bride needs to know!

2nd Dec 2014

A very essential bridal accessory is the Nethi Chutti (known as Maang Tikka in the North). It is a v......

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Flower Jewellery!

10th Jun 2014

The latest trend in weddings is the flower jewellery! From the most extragavant weddings of the cele......

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Kemp Jewellery!

18th Feb 2014

I am glad to introduce to you all a 60 years young lady, Mrs. Sudha Balachandran. Her indomitable sp......

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Dos and Don’t s of wearing and caring for your jewellery

23rd Apr 2013

All the dos and don't s of wearing and caring for jewellery are summarized into ten ......

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Antique Jewellery – The latest sensation for all the brides!

23rd Apr 2013

Jewellery is an integral part of our Indian culture, especially during weddings. Wedding jewellery......

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Bridal Footwear – Tips to remember!

23rd Apr 2013

Ah! Here comes the next most important thing after choosing your wedding outfit  The bridal foo......

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