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The Grand Engagement Of A Super Bubbly Doctor

Date: 06/06/2017

If you have ever met doctors you will instantly know she is not like the usual ones around. Kavya, a super bubbly doctor in Chennai specialized in Sonology connects with us in a wink of an eye to give the beautiful story of how she met her fiancé Mano Krishanan working in ICICI, Hyderabad.

It was an ideal arranged marriage she says. They first met in her house in Chennai and after an hour of talking to each other they decided to take it further. With a little over a month, the big day arrived. With all the planning and support of her family and friends who were her pillars of strength, a gorgeous ceremony was held in GRT, T Nagar.

For her big day she wore a lehenga from Kalanikethan in Anna Nagar and later changed into a saree from Hayagrivas in T Nagar. Her blouse was designed by Sruthi Kannath who she says is the best find ever. Shruthi is like your best friend , she gives you a personal touch, makes you very comfortable and also gives you brilliant suggestions. The Elephant and Jumka blouse she designed was the highlight of the ceremony. People actually came up to the stage and enquired about it.

For her make-up she choose Divi Durgar from Fame Studios who gave her the perfect look for her special day. Her backdrop was done by New Digital Florist, Babu Anna who made the whole ceremony grander. Her Photos were taken by @zero-gravity# who captured the best moments and showed it beautifully in pictures.

For her Jewellery, Kavya wore traditional ones passed on to her from her mother and a few from her fiancé’s family which they got from Lalithaa Jewellery MartJewelry/Watches  . but her favorite were the engagement rings she customized and designed, a crown for her groom and a tiara for herself with Prakash Gold Palace in Chennai.

Kavya also says for her homemade beauty regime, she used gram flour, curd and rose water every night which gave her a perfect glow.



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