Engagement Diaries

A Dream Engagement With Her Love

Date: 21/07/2017

Our beautiful bride Aishwariya tells us how she planned for her engagement.Read on to know more.


For my engagement I picked my saree from Pothys and the saree from the groom’s side was from A S Babu Sah, Kanchipuram. The jewellery for my first saree was from Jaipur GemsJewelry/Watches in Chennai. The minute I saw this neck piece, I fell in love with it. It was a very unique design, something I have never seen before. The diamond set from the groom’s side was from TARA in Coimbatore.

The makeup for my engagement was by Viji, Bronzer Bridal Makeup Artist. I have seen her work before and my sister also suggested her name. She did such a great job and I loved the way I looked. Photography was by PHOTO kathaas . Again I have seen their work because they do photography for most of our family functions. I have always liked their work so I decided to book them for my engagement as well. My mehendi was by Nazima from Madurai.

The fun part of the engagement was when I had to greet my fiancée with Vanakkam. Although this is a very common ritual, it was quite hilarious for me to do it because we have literally grown up together. The other one was his entry to the hall where a few of his uncles carried him all the way to the stage. This was a lot of fun to watch.

The only beauty regime I followed was from my mom’s very own kitchen. It was strawberry with glycerin which I applied on my face and washed off after 20 minutes to get that glow!!


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