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Celebrity Singer Benny Dayal and Actress/Model Catherine Philip's Fall Vintage Engagement Is Totally Tripping Us Over!

Epic love stories are spun over heart-meltingly ‘awee’ worthy moments! It feels like a crazy spin only, every time you’ll feel being drawn to that ‘One’ person! But let’s keep the ‘cheesy’ at bay because we’ve got two famous artist hearts singing ‘Hearts All Over The World’. We got to hear from the talented and gorgeous Actress and Model, Catherine, who just got engaged to the awesome talent, Benny Dayal. With a voice that has been melting Indian hearts for a while now Benny sure did work his charm a thousand miles across the planet! So this is how it all happened.  “A friend of mine who worked with Benny in the 2010 A.R Rahman's "Jai ho" tour introduced us about 2 years ago. I was pretty apprehensive since we both live on opposite sides of the world but my friend convinced me of what an amazing guy he was so I decided to give it a shot!”, Catherine says.  

They talked for 6 months via FaceTime and Whatsapp before Benny flew to NYC to meet Catherine.  He had worked with Catherine’s friends to make it such a memorable night. “He showed up at my apartment with a beautiful bouquet of 2 dozen stem lilies. The moment we met, I knew he was the one for me.”  We were quite curious about the ‘proposal story’ and we all went absolutely ‘awee’ at this part! Benny surprised Catherine a few days before his birthday with a trip to New York to celebrate it with her and her family. “The day of, he mentioned he wanted to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (one of my favorite places in Brooklyn) and spend the day with me.”

 With the flowers in full bloom, the lovely couple had spent time walking around looking at the different floral exhibitions.  “When we got to a private area of the gardens, he began to talk about our relationship. He discussed our paths and how we came to be in each other's lives. As he was talking, I was looking at the guide and when I looked back at him, he was down on one knee with this gorgeous ring in hand. It was intimate and absolutely perfect.”, Catherine recollects.  When it came to planning for the engagement, Catherine had to do a lot of research. She spent weeks going through different social media platforms searching for various ideas to incorporate. With their engagement being in October, Benny and Catherine decided to go for a ‘Fall Vintage’ theme. They focused their color scheme on hues of blush pink, gold, dark blues and greens.   Catherine explains, “Our venue was the perfect backdrop- with floor to ceiling glass windows showcasing the foliage outside. Our floral coordinator was able to use our colors to create unique centerpieces incorporating dahlias, roses, and even grapes and alternating that with Birchwood stumps and candles for a rustic look.” Instead of a stage, the couple opted for a lattice woodwork background decorated with flowers for their ceremony tying in with their theme.  “Our vendors were very accommodating and helped us create a beautiful setting for all our family and friends to enjoy”, she adds. 

About her gorgeous engagement attire, Catherine worked exclusively with Tan from Kavani to create a custom outfit for her engagement day. “Working with her was a sheer pleasure. I tend to be very particular, but Tan really gave some great ideas to integrate into the overall design.”, Catherine says. Since their engagement was during the day, it was important to Catherine about her having a really soft look with a lot of lace work. “It can be very challenging to create an outfit when you aren't there in person to see the material, but Tan made the entire process very stress-free and in the end, created the gorgeous outfit that I envisioned.”, Catherine explains. And didn’t she just make the most stunningly gorgeous Bride-To-Be?  We wanted to know about one ‘light-hearted’ moment from the lovely engagement day and Catherine mentioned that one of her favorite memories from that day was during their cake cutting. “After feeding each other, Benny turned to me and said ‘Let's feed our families’.” Catherine recollects. So with cake in hand, Benny fed her parents and siblings and Catherine did the same with his. “Family is a priority in my life, so to see him include them in these precious moments with no hesitation made him even more endearing to me. It was a spur of the moment decision but it highlighted our coming together as a family”, she sweetly explains!  What more details in the story-line could make this sweet little dreamy love more adorable, right? Shopzters is happy for the lovely Bride-To-Be, Catherine and the handsome Benny Dayal in finding a ‘love’ journey, as cozy as this! Here’s wishing the lovely couple a sweet novel-like love for the rest of their lives! 



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