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8 Latest Trends That We Spotted In South Indian Weddings

2nd Aug 2017

South Indian weddings come in with their own charming rituals and customs. Beginning with the Shehna......

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Bar Decor Ideas For Wedding

2nd Aug 2017

Weddings are the moments to rejoice and have a good time. Commonly people prefer to have a fancy and......

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How To Innovatively Display Food In Your Wedding

2nd Aug 2017

It's your big day, can you believe it ? You will be running around making sure everything is per......

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Top Wedding Entertainment Ideas For The Guests

2nd Aug 2017

Everything from the decor, the venue and the menu has been ardently chosen and selected for the fast......

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5 Ways To Make Your Sangeet Interesting & Fun

2nd Aug 2017

No Indian wedding is truly a wedding without 'The Sangeet'. It's a time when everyone ca......

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Wedding Decor That Speaks Volumes!

27th Jul 2017

Vidya the mesmerizing hypnotherapist and Laxmi Prasad the striking IPS officer recently tied the kno......

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Awe-Inspiring And Whimsical Wedding Stage Decor

20th Jul 2017

The wedding stage holds great importance as it attracts a lot of attention, after all this is the pl......

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Crafty ‘Seer’ Ideas - A Creative Way To Welcome Guests On Your Big Day

10th Jul 2017

Weddings symbolize tradition, rituals, culture and age old customs. One such tradition is the concep......

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Classy Decor Inspirations That Won't Go Unnoticed

24th Jun 2017

The first thing we always notice is the background. However, it's so often that we forget to app......

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16 Recent Hanging Decor Ideas That We Liked

22nd Jun 2017

Gone are the days when weddings meant cluttered and busy decor that used to leave the guests feeling......

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Versatile Lotus Wedding Decor Ideas

2nd Jun 2017

Themed weddings have become the norm now. You can make your wedding unique by choosing a unique them......

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10 Trending Wedding Entry Ideas For Couples To Try

23rd May 2017

Finally! You're getting married. This is probably the one time they'll let you get away with......

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A Brazilian Bridal Photoshoot With Brothers Of The Bride!

20th May 2017

 We've heard of bridesmaids and groomsmen. What about bridesmen? You've had friends all......

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3 New Wedding Themes You Can Try This Wedding Season

10th May 2017

Wedding themes present a goldmine of ideas for wedding decorators. If you wish your wedding to be sp......

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7 Wedding Ideas For Animal Lovers!

3rd May 2017

Been an avid animal lover all your life? Bringing your favourite pets to your wedding is cool. Why d......

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10 Attractive Photo Booth Ideas You Don't Wanna Miss

2nd May 2017

Every happening wedding has a photo booth. Why should just the bride and groom have all the fun? Her......

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6 Lighting Decor Ideas For The Fairytale Wedding

2nd May 2017

Lighting in Indian weddings is an important affair. Weeks before the wedding people start pouring in......

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5 Trends in South Indian Weddings

26th Apr 2017

With each passing generation, attitudes change and styles evolve. Interesting elements from various ......

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10 DIY Decor Ideas For The Bright Indian Wedding

23rd Apr 2017

There was a time when families would burn their pockets out at weddings. Thankfully that has changed......

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These 13 Seer Plate Decor Ideas Are Sure To Impress Your Guests!

21st Apr 2017

What is a wedding without exchanges of gifts? Seer plates play a huge role in conveying your happine......

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5 Quirky Decor Ideas That Will Add Pep & Colour To Your Special Day

20th Apr 2017

Ready to spruce up your wedding with unique decor? Your wedding is a special event that happens once......

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7 Colour Themes For Your Wedding Decor Palette

14th Apr 2017

If you are a couple who just started planning their wedding, then we suggest you to start with the w......

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Subtle and Soft Vibes of the Blue Bliss Theme

14th Apr 2017

With its subtle and soft appeal, the blue bliss theme creates an elegant, chic, pleasing-to-the-eye ......

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15 Green Decor Ideas That Are Trending Right Now

14th Apr 2017

First comes love and then comes the wedding! From deciding the flowers that will decorate the venue ......

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Colorful Decor With The ‘Herbs Of The Sun’

11th Apr 2017

Flowers are an integral element of Hindu weddings; therefore, the yellow and orange; round and aroma......

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Nature Infused Decor From Flora Wedding Planners!

1st Apr 2017

We came across this wedding decor by Flora Wedding Planners and found it to be a refreshing contrast......

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Beat The Heat - 6 Cool Ideas For Summer Weddings

1st Mar 2017

The most beautiful day in your life is your wedding day, and it should be the most memorable one too......

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5 Ways To Use Social Media For Your Wedding!

6th Jan 2017

Social media has become an important part of our lives and as you get close to being married you rea......

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Vintage Weddings – A Trend That Never Dates!

5th Jan 2017

Trends will come and go but a vintage wedding will never go out of trend. Brides and grooms today, t......

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5 Types Of Friends Who Attend Your Wedding

29th Nov 2016

Friends are marvellous creatures. They mean the world to us. Friends will drop everything and come r......

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Golden Sunshine, Green Outdoors And A Gorgeous Wedding!

29th Nov 2016

Décor forms the ambience of any event. The colours chosen for the décor set the mood f......

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10 Last Minute Wedding Planning Details You Can’t Afford To Forget!

28th Nov 2016

After days of researching, saving and planning, finally your Big-Day is just around the corner. Does......

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6 Interesting Ways To Share Your Love Story On Your Sangeet Night

28th Nov 2016

Sangeet night is the most enjoyable and anticipated event in a wedding! The starry night is fun fill......

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7 Affordable And Easy To Make DIY Wedding Decor Ideas

28th Nov 2016

When you think of wedding décor, what comes to mind? Cascading colorful fabrics, vibrant flow......

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The Creative Movie Poster Photo Shoot By Vinod Kumar Photography!

24th Nov 2016

Movies are probably the biggest sources of inspiration for a lot of photographers, but here we have ......

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How To Plan A Wedding After Demonetisation ?

23rd Nov 2016

Lately the papers are flooded with news and updates about demonetisation. While the debate goes on a......

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Hale And Hea(lthy)rty; Interesting Traditional Food For The Wedding Banquet

22nd Nov 2016

FOOD. Any Indian wedding is incomplete if the palate is not catered to! While there has never ever b......

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Wedding Videos Now Come With A Filmy Zing, And We Love It!

22nd Nov 2016

A coy, blushing bride, dressed in authentic red sari, walking towards her groom with her gaze low &n......

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Senjutaaley! The Fun Wedding Song Shot By Iswarya Photos!

18th Nov 2016

We all saw the remake of the ‘Senjutaaley’ song by Iswarya Photos! And did we all not lo......

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Announce Your Wedding In Style With Your Dream Invitation

15th Nov 2016

Boring invitations with set templates from the corner shop are out of fashion these days. Couples wa......

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Delectably Indulgent - Choose Destination Weddings

12th Nov 2016

Bored with the usual ideas of getting married in a marriage hall or at home? Looking for an exotic/ ......

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6 Unique Backdrop Decor Ideas! Let's Get Creative People

12th Nov 2016

Backdrop ideas have turned over a new leaf, quite literally! We are seeing a lot of weddings where d......

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Garland Ideas For This Wedding Season!

2nd Nov 2016

More than anything, be it getting your make-up done, or your hair, be it wearing expensive jewellery......

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Wedding Dolls, Making Their Way Into Our Hearts And Our Weddings!

2nd Nov 2016

Cute, fun and playful! These are the words that come to our minds when we look at the Wedding Dolls.......

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Fall In Love With Fall Weddings!!!

20th Oct 2016

There are so many choices when it comes to selecting the right invites, the right decor, or the righ......

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Fabulous Ensemble For The Miniature You- The Latest Kids Wear Collection

9th Oct 2016

Weddings are not just fun for the adults. Weddings are fun for the kids too. Especially when childre......

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Chic Potli Bags

29th Sep 2016

When we were children, and used to attended birthday parties, the host will give us a return gift so......

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Making Memories Of Us - Its Selfie Time!

26th Sep 2016

Selfies are in vogue. Especially during wedding festivities, you can spot many groups clustered toge......

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Sunsets With Your Soulmate

24th Sep 2016

Watching the sun rise and set with someone you love is romantic and therapeutic. It's so peacefu......

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30 Black And White Pics You Will Fall In Love With!

23rd Sep 2016

Once upon a time, people were afraid to be photographed because they feared that it will trap their ......

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Turning Mehendi Function Into A Pool Party - A perfect outdoor decor inspiration

14th Sep 2016

Weddings are a family affair for a reason. It's a time for every relative to come together and p......

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The Great Wall Of Donuts

12th Sep 2016

We all know weddings are beautiful, grand, and romantic affairs. But let's add some sweetness to......

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5 Ways To Welcome Wedding Guests

10th Sep 2016

Tradition is the bedrock of weddings. From welcoming the Groom to the Mandapam to sending off the Br......

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49 Things To Do As The Ultimate Sister/Maid-Of-Honor Of The Bride

9th Sep 2016

When the big day arrives, your big day, there is only one person you can count on to walk you throug......

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Weaving Flowers With Magic

7th Sep 2016

Every time we go to a wedding, we feel like Columbus did upon discovering the New World. There are s......

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Razzle-Dazzle Seer Plate Ideas For Your Wedding

6th Sep 2016

The most important thing that holds the entire wedding shinding together is the Seer. Okay, maybe se......

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5 New Invitation Trends To Try

4th Sep 2016

Invitations are more than just details on a card these days! They have become fun, grand and quirky ......

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8 Trending Hanging Decor Ideas You Can't Afford To Miss

30th Aug 2016

Gone are the days when weddings were an indoor event, a simple gathering or one day thing. They have......

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Selfie Booth - From Getting Clicked To Clicking It Yourself

25th Aug 2016

Weddings now have caught the Photography Fever! People have realized how much they love getting clic......

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15 Ways To Decorate Your Oonjal

18th Aug 2016

Oonjal functions are probably one of the most ancient traditions followed, with the most touching va......

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5 Ways To Make Your Friends Feel Included In Your Celebrations

16th Aug 2016

Marriage is often treated as a family affair, but what about those friends who have been a part of e......

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The Flowers Of Prosperity - Marigold Decor

12th Aug 2016

An ideal pick for functions like Sangeet and Mehendi which look great with fresh flowers lined along......

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5 Chair Back Decorations That Inspired Us

10th Aug 2016

Chair backs at weddings is a fairly new concept that is yet to make its way into the commercial Indi......

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Cycle Into Your Happily Ever After

2nd Aug 2016

We've found something for all the quirky couples out there. Nothing screams carefree and fun lik......

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Talambralu - The Ritual Of Happiness

27th Jul 2016

A Telugu wedding ritual, Talambralu is metaphoric to the couple's life ahead filled with happine......

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12 Ideas To Make Your Wedding A Rustic One

25th Jul 2016

Who wouldn't love dim soft lights, pastel colors and baby breath flowers inside lit-up jars the ......

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12 Fun Boards You Must Keep In Your Wedding

21st Jul 2016

Chalkboards at a weddings is the latest trend seen making rounds in the decor scene. Not only does i......

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15 Save The Date Ideas You Don't Wanna Miss

20th Jul 2016

Save the Date pictures have becoming increasingly common as couples chose to send invites over socia......

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15 Elegant Floral Invites That We Love

12th Jul 2016

There is a recent take on floral invites that has become all the rage with this generation and right......

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6 New Themes To Try This Wedding Season

11th Jul 2016

The traditional wedding has been seen and done, and the new generation has decided that it's tim......

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25 Handpicked Backdrop Ideas For The Bridal Events At Home

5th Jul 2016

Memories fade and some things are easily forgotten. This is why we rely on taking striking pictures ......

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Easy Budget Wedding Décor Ideas

24th Jun 2016

We bring you five easy ways in which you can efficiently achieve the wedding of your dreams without ......

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Flower Power!! Decorate Your Wedding With Flower Walls!

11th Jun 2016

Flowers bring a sense of joy, freshness and enthusiasm. Indian Weddings are closely related to flowe......

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14 Unique Wedding Ideas To Gape At

6th Jun 2016

"With love Nilma" is a new age event styling company started by Nilma Dileepan. With Love ......

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Here We Have Awesome Pictures From 5 Different Weddings Done By Wedlock Planners!!

26th May 2016

Destinations weddings are becoming more popular these days with couples who are very eager! to ......

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Pleasure Of The Countryside In A Wedding – Village Theme Decor

22nd May 2016

"God made the country and Man made the town"  Poet Cowper Indian villages are......

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The latest theme wedding we have up our sleeve is..... Hush! Hush!.It is a secret!...

11th May 2016

Reshma Srijay, founder of Flora Wedding Planners, enthusiastically shares her ideas on Theme we......

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The colour of the season - Yellow Charm!

26th Apr 2016

This summer wedding season, look for some bright and cheerful colours if you are planning a theme we......

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Ethereal Decor Inspiration Board For An Outdoor Cocktail Reception

17th Apr 2016

The A-Cube Project" recently customised the 40th birthday celebration of Bharat Sangh......

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Indian-ness In Wedding Decor!

9th Apr 2016

Indian weddings are bright and colourful, reverberating with laughter and celebrations. They are hig......

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And That's How You Spelled It Right With Flowers!

8th Apr 2016

Flowers, Love, Imagination Mix them all and you have a series of brilliant photographs to feast......

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Parrots, Parrots and more Parrots!

7th Apr 2016

Parrots symbolise love and togetherness and what better ways to decorate your wedding than using the......

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Colour! Colour! What Colour Do You Choose?

4th Apr 2016

Wedding is undoubtedly the most important day of your life. It is after all, your day when for once,......

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DIY Buffet Table Decor Ideas!

2nd Apr 2016

Weddings are usually a huge affair with days of celebration to strengthen bonding with friends, rela......

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An Array Of Colours For This Wedding Season!

30th Mar 2016

Traditional Silk House boasts of a stunning array of collections which include some scintillating ra......

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Angkor Wat Inspires A Unique Wedding Mandap Decor!

24th Mar 2016

For an artist, entire world is a source of endless inspiration. Better the inspiration, better the a......

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Lip-Dub Videos Are Here To Stay! - Real Weddings

23rd Mar 2016

Something totally cool among the North Indian Weddings lip-dub videos are here to stay and enthral e......

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The Ultimate Use Of Jute As Return Gifts At Your Weddings! - Go Happily Green!!

22nd Mar 2016

Weddings are so much fun! All your family members, close friends and relatives, come all the way fro......

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Plate Decoration Ideas for Indian Ceremonies

19th Mar 2016

Aarti plates or Seer Thattu is an important part of a Hindu ritual. The family of the bride welcomes......

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Colorful Rangoli Designs With Flowers

16th Mar 2016

Reds; blues; greens; oranges, all the hues of a bright summer day, a welcoming note when designed so......

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Themes, Props, Crazy Pics And Photo Booths!

6th Mar 2016

Photo booths are amazing ways to create lasting memories of the wedding! The guests irrespective of ......

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7 Creative Ideas For Center Pieces At Weddings or Cocktail Parties! - Trends Buzz For 2016

6th Mar 2016

Decors, arrangements, theme and table set-up at weddings looks better than complete, more like a tou......

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They Had Slate Boards, But Cleverly Skipped The Clichés!! – Scintilight Creations

4th Mar 2016

The Wedding dates got rescheduled for a few months earlier than for when it was planned for, they ha......

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Need A Dose Of Art Attack On Your Special Cake? Cake Canvas Has Got That Covered!

25th Feb 2016

Have you had passions that are as old as you are? Have you tried chasing them? Because Anna did and ......

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We're Totally Tripping On This Elegant Decors, Classy Low Lights and Jackson James' Photography

19th Feb 2016

It's now come to minimal and elegant with Decors, Pastels with the Theme and Classy with the fee......

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8 Spectacular Theme Weddings To Pick Up Some Inspiration From For Your Big Day

16th Feb 2016

It is generally not easy to co-ordinate a theme wedding. Especially with South Indian Weddings that ......

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Of Lanterns and Fairy Lights!- Trending 2016 Wedding Decors

2nd Feb 2016

Lights, lanterns and creative ways of lighting up the wedding venue with simple yet stunningly gorge......

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Attention Smart Phone-Photographers and Fellow Insta-Junkies! Here’s Photographer Sephi Bergerson taking ‘#iPhonePhotography’ To Another Level!

30th Jan 2016

A very recent buzz about this exquisite talent Sephi Bergerson, a Goa based Photographer who sh......

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Decor Inspirations From Vamsi and Havishya's Wedding!

30th Dec 2015

It only becomes totally a believable yet, out of the world experience when you're put right in t......

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The Art of Giving Away Some Love!

3rd Nov 2015

Weddings are delightful occasions that fill hearts with bliss, love, joy and life itself! Have you e......

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Lotus Lustre Theme- Behind The Scenes!

27th Oct 2015

A week of planning, a month of pre-production and 48 hours of manual labour has brought together thi......

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An Eco-Friendly Wedding!

12th Oct 2015

It's surprisingly great to see people looking out to save the environment these days while there......

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Inimitable Indoor Decor!

6th Oct 2015

The gleaming chandeliers, the shining satins with a trail of flowers making the entire wedding look ......

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Mehendi Styles To Experiment

29th Sep 2015

Mehendi is a significant part of every bride's big day. Though it is a North Indian tradition, S......

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Say It With Flowers!

17th Sep 2015

From the simplest to the most exquisite weddings, flowers adorn each and every part of the rituals. ......

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8 Trending Decor Ideas To Jazz Up Your Wedding!

7th Jul 2015

Wedding decorations set the tone for the event! They create a very beautiful ambience and make the w......

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Nalangu with a twist!

21st May 2015

Ever wondered how a typical village style nalangu would look like?! Here's how! Mr. Santhosh of ......

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How To Plan Your Sangeet?!

24th Dec 2014

According to my official reports, Sangeet and Mehendi are no longer a North Indian pre-wedding cerem......

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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

10th Dec 2014

Pre-wedding arrangements can be mentally exhausting! And wait... I am not even talking about mine. I......

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Guest Post - Dream Wedding by Kavya Krishna!

13th Aug 2014

Hello Shopzters! Meet Kavya Krishna, one of our ardent followers, who enthusiastically participates ......

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Dream Wedding!

11th Jul 2014

Every bride has a zillion dreams about her wedding! Here we have, some of Shopzters' brides to s......

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Significance of Marriage!

19th Jun 2014

Janani Rajyasri I was 18 when I met Sharadh by chance. Marriage was not even on my mind and surely w......

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How to Choose your Wedding Photographer - Guest Post by Vijesh, Light Story!

3rd Apr 2014

I have always wanted to write this article on how to choose a wedding photographer! I feel it is one......

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