Flowers have always been a beautiful accessory but even more attractive when intertwined with hair buns and braids! They add just the right pop of colour for your outfit, whether you’re the bride or a guest at the wedding and can definitely add the much-needed oomph for a grand occasion. Whether it is a simple updo or hair trailing down with tapering braids, the possibilities of achieving hairstyles with an edge are infinite! These floral accessories are not just aesthetically pleasing, but the fresh flowers’ fragrance is breathtaking quite literally and is a wave of freshness and positivity! Floral hair accessories can be well coordinated with your outfit, be it marigold, chrysanthemum, lilies, orchids and so many other exotic varieties of flora! But the trend right now is to flaunt hair interspersed with delicate pods of Baby’s breath. It adds just the right touch of femininity and is taking over the Indian wedding scene now!

We, at Shopzters have compiled some of the best hairstyles with floral accessories that we have come across. Swipe up and check them all out now!