A labour of love from the commerce graduate from Madras University, the inception of @foto-zone# marked the beginning of a new era in the photography world. Fotozone Studio is the brainchild of V Santhosh Raj. The fire that ignited the passion of the creator of the boutique photography studio is growing stronger day by day. The creative photographer who played with light and made stunning portraits was gripped with the idea of taking his craft to the masses.

The photographer in him was honest and effortless in creating visages of simplicity and elegance. The photographs seemed to speak and the evocative images became heirlooms for posterity. The business grew in reputation and size and today commands respect across the country. Santhosh is now amongst the most sought after portrait and candid photographers around Chennai today.

Photographs are memories you put away to take out and savour on another day. They document the historical moments of your life. They may be easy to take on your handy phones today but a photo that is well-composed will definitely stand apart as a treasured frame! The vivid colours, the expressions that become a window to your heart and the moment that is worth a thousand words can be captured in a single frame.

New born, wedding, candid, alliance photographs, corporate headshots and so much more is given definition and form with élan at Fotozone. It is truly a one stop destination for memory makers!