Every culture, every tradition and community in India have their own way of celebrating Weddings and other occasions. South Indian Weddings have a way with emotions, fun and traditions. You only learn to love the fact that you are an Indian when you're at a South Indian Wedding wondering how beautiful your country is with all its cultural vibe! Here are a few things that can happen only at a South Indian Wedding. You'll love the last bit! First things first!

We love to have it the 'Groupie Way'! Lights.. Camera.. Smile!!

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Well, what would you know More Selfies we say!!

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Those colorful moments of drenching the bride with happiness, colored water and what not!

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The Oonjal tradition at a typical Tam-Bram Wedding is honestly one thing you can find only at a South Indian wedding! Precious site indeed!

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If there is one thing that our South Indian men melt and would kill for, it's the sight of a girl shy away and look down, letting the whole world know she is in Love! ONLY a South Indian girl, ONLY at a South Indian Wedding! What say South Indian boys?

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Beyonce who?? Our women hit the 'Swaram' so accurate, your 'Pop' would have to pop those pills and go flat! You need a million ears to hear our women sing at our South Indian Weddings!  

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Forbes will have to learn how to strike poses from us! More Groupies!!

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"Well, don't ever judge our sense of fun! We're pretty serious when it comes to taking it to heights!"  

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Music, we have the best! The melodies that tunes our hearts with happy notes for on a happy South Indian Wedding!

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That mehendi art on our Brides feet? Yeah, ain't no joke thing! 'Ammi Midhi' tradition at A South Indian Wedding is one of the most important and auspicious ones. Those moments are best treasured when a Groom adorns a Brides toe with toe rings, which symbolizes that she is now married!

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The bride trying to put up a smile, hideaway tears and give a brave front to her parents is such an emotional moment. You think our parents are good with putting up a brave front? Nope. Our South Indian families are close knit, we take family and relationships real serious. That's the beauty, that's our strength!


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Ummm No. Just Kiddin! You will not see this at a South Indian Wedding. Do not attempt these scenes without your photographers guidance (they probably had to write a permission letter and get it signed by your parents or something!).

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