Who said weddings are full of tiresome wedding ceremonies only?? Here are neatly captured light-hearted more like funny moments and games that comes along with traditions over which couple easily bond on a more practical level. Traditions are sweet in their own way. These moments sort of save the day and add memories worth remembering for a lifetime! tradition fun 1 This we're going to call funny traditions 101! The next time either of them are even slightly having a bad day you think this memory wouldn't break them into shots of laughter? Tradition fun 2 If a small push and a pull is going to brighten up those faces then so be it! tradition fun 3 The man was trying his 'escape' move a last try! This is one the classic 'duck down' game that couple is usually in for during their wedding garland exchange. Tradition fun 4 The totally 'Sport' couple, posing away in their traditional and creative costumes. Framed for life! Tradition fun 5 Another traditional game-time, that involves the couple to get to do various things together. Symbolically meaning that family life means they're both in this together. Tradition fun 6 You're asked to throw a jug of colored water down the grooms head? Cease the chance Bride! Just kidding. But all these fun moments definitely count in.

Tradition fun 7

Game sessions at weddings are fun, even if it means you have to make funny faces, carry heavy stuff and be completely yourself! Tradition fun 11      A traditional game of 'search for the lost' inside a pot of water. The Bride and Groom have to find the ring or any other ornament that has been thrown inside the pot. Stay in the game! He might just let you win! ;) tradition fun 12 "A typical south Indian Wedding moment which doesn't fail to make everyone smile is the 'Papadam/Appalam' breaking on over the head or sometimes even on the bride and grooms faces! Ask any of those elders in the family and they'd just freeze into their moment of 'Nostalgia'. Love is sort of cute and crazy!"