Weddings come with a whirlwind of emotions. This is especially true in case of brides. After years of built up dreams, months of anticipation and careful planning a well-crafted wedding is certainly an occasion of profound importance. It is not surprising when the bride gets overwhelmed at the end of D-day. She is, after all stepping into a whole new world! These beautiful photos by @minchu# Studio captures these tender moments with such delicacy that you cannot help but resonate with their emotions.

The bond between a mother and daughter magnified at the vidai as she bids a tearful farewell.

It is often after entering a vehicle with her husband that she realises that she is leaving her home for once and all.

Subsided sobs as she bids farewell to her loved ones. Bittersweet moments. Candid photography at its best. A Vidhai, a warm hug with unsaid words.

A hug with the promise of always being mummy’s little daughter.

All the above photographs are sourced from Pinterest/Instagram