Maatals were originally only meant for royalty because of the immense grandeur they added to the entire ensemble. Slowly, this niche accessory made its way into the jewellery boxes of common people too and today everyone goes gaga over the super versatile maatal or earchain! Over the years it has undergone so many different versions and variations and is now a staple for every bride on her big day. It is definitely a very feminine piece of accessory, adding unmatched grace and elegance to the look, while framing your face as well! This trend definitely returned as a favourite after the brilliant styling of Anushka Shetty in Baahubali. She owned every piece of jewellery like a boss and the maatals she donned were a fashion statement!

Maatals today are available in gold, silver, semi-precious metals and paired with precious, semi-precious stones, pearls and other beads! Pair this with just a stud or even a big jhumka and you are nailing this look! You can never really go wrong with this exquisite piece of jewellery! 


We love the multi-layered ear chain look! Especially when it's interspersed with pearls. It elevates your look to a whole new level! How gorgeous is this maatal?


Pearls plus kaasu mani embellished with stones? How can we say no!


Maatal with the theme running across the ear vertically as well? Hell yeah! The earring is so in theme with the maatal and we love it.


This takes gradneur to a whole new level. We love how the three-pearl dangler pattern is consistent right from the maatal to the earring cuff chain.

A simple two-layered pearl chain with kaasu maalai maatal? YES YES YES! This is so unique and brings a renewed South-Indian vibe to the entire look! -  Maatal Credit- Daivik


Chandelier jhumkas on layered maatal with pearls? It really can't get better than this. Just the dash of grandeur we need to accentuate the Indian look!


We love this dangler look in a complete gold covering maatal! 


Pearls and enamel work are like the perfect pairing. And when you add tiny jhumkas to the mix it's bound to be AMAZING! Also, note how the maatal goes all the way to the top of her bun. Love love love.


Here's a beautiful way of giving a unique twist to the earring by adding green stones along with the pearls. Now, that's a unique creation!


Yet again a classic kaasu mani maalai with pearl embellishments. How gorgeous is this beautiful piece! Love the South-Indian vibe about it. 


Beautiful pearl maatal interspersed with purple and pink stones! Love how in-theme it is with the stud as well!


This one is probably the grandest piece of all the maatals here so ofcourse we save the best for the last! This is all you need to nail your quintessential bridal look!

All the above pictures are sourced from Pinterest/ Instagram