A bride needs the perfect accessories to complete her look. We bring to you, 8 bridal accessories that are must-haves this wedding season. A studded clutch It seems like a minute detail but your clutch makes a lot of difference to your outfit. Especially on occasions like a cocktail and reception, it doesn?t matter if you?re in an Indian, western or indo-western outfit. Pick an evergreen design like a mother of pearl clutch and if you are willing to spend more, then a Swarovski studded clutch is a good option as well, just keep in mind to pick something that you can use later as well. Clutch A statement neckpiece As good as traditional Indian jewellery looks, try venturing out and buying something that is sophisticated and timeless. For example, a string of diamonds engraved in platinum or wild gold, a delicate floral design set in gold, or an elegant kundan piece, these will look good even with western outfits in the long run. Statement Neckpiece A beautiful tiara or headpiece This is something that has multiple traditional versions to it, like maang tikka, matha patti, borla, jhoomar, etc. but the trick lies in choosing the right type which will complement your outfit. And if none of this works, you can always pick a crystalized tiara for your reception, westernize it a bit. Tiara or Headgear A Kundan ring Now kundan rings are pretty common and can be found in the perfect combination of traditional colours like red, white, green and gold. You could go for big circular one that is bound to make an impression or even the kind that are attached to a bracelet, it is a very bold accessory so make sure you give it a good thought. ?Kundan Ring A delicate nose-ring Nose-rings have different variations as well, be sure to try them on before you wear it on your wedding day. The same nose-ring doesn?t necessarily look good on everybody, the shape of your nose plays a major role in determining which kind you should go for. Nose Ring Mehendi Nothing can compete with the traditional henna design that adds to the glow of a bride. There are many substitutes like the gold, silver glitter stick-on, but nothing can compete with how beautiful mehendi looks on your wedding day. Mehendi A mix of Bangles Bangles are a part of the ceremony in most Indian weddings, especially glass bangles, which are said to bring the bride good luck and prosperity. You can create a mix of glass, gold and ceramic bangles of different patterns and sizes, to match your outfit. Bangles An Anklet Any type pf anklet will work just fine, depending on if you are ready to wear a heavy one around for the entire ceremony or not. The only thing to check before hand is that the anklet matched your footwear, a detail which is often forgotten. Anklets