Wedding season has arrived. Guess you brides are enthusiastically thinking up ideas to make your big day as grand as possible. The jewellery that you wear contributes to the grandeur of the wedding big time! So if you are a bride-to-be getting married in 2015, you don wanna miss this! We bring to you some of the trending jewellery trends of the year! :) If you think we missed out on something, don't hesitate to comment here or mail us :)10980165_794129373974788_1601670336582306586_o Nahas - Temple Jewellery! Everyone's evergreen favourite right?brides in gold1 A wow effect by this heavy single piece choker!
Credits - Shades10865762_579042065573295_7892296489498863140_o Beauty isn't it!? This one jewel is good enough to steal the attention!brides in gold Swooning at this bridal jada!brides in gold2 Elegance redefined! SIngle piece chokers are making their comeback!10983406_803629776339057_3807868611498041862_n
Rubies and emeralds = royal look7626493267d51b47f03361f017e8630d Diamonds are a girl's best friend!10610485_739301496159307_606921599195275887_n A statement piece indeed!
Credits - Dot Dusk StudiosSravya_engagement-434 The layered jewellery trend is the latest and hottest!2207db1b891f3ca28a0a26d2d9eaa984 Heard of kada bangle! Kada necklace? That's newe573c1c7bfb7205f3fb5fa642966c5ad Layers, Layers and Layers! 4bd791ce4298373ac0060db23abaaca4
No words to describe this lovely piece of jewellery    Sponsored by : NAC Jewellers