When it comes to weddings, every bride wants to look the best and in that pursuit ends up either over-accessorizing or making her look way too bold and dramatic. Sometimes, going the fuss-free simple route is indeed the best! This bride does just that and she absolutely nails her look! She is truly the epitome of elegance with her beautiful almond-shaped eyes and her porcelain skin. We love how she opted for the slick pulled back braided hair so she doesn't have to deal with them during the long wedding ceremonies!

The makeup is artfully done by @manisha-bridal-avenue# and the shots are all framed by the amazing team at @zero-gravity-photography#!


We love how artfully the photographer has framed this shot! 

This couple is truly perfection redefined! It's so evident how made-for-each-other they are!  

We also love the wedding trousseau she has picked for herself. It is super simple yet graceful and we love how it is the perfect pop of colour needed for the look! 

Going for contrasting hues also gives a lovely colour-coordinated look! 

Didn't we all want that stunning couple portrait in the stairwell? 

A lovely play of light and shadow, magnificently framed!  

The quintessential 'Getting Ready' photo! 

Love this monochrome beauty! 

Of reflections, light and love!  

A timeless bridal portrait! 

The makeup is truly well-blended with a flawless base. 

The light accentuates her features, bringing out her bridal beauty! 

Isn't this such a picturesque frame?  

An all-encompassing beauty! 

We love how her shy self shines right through this frame.