You need to put in a little effort to be the bride of the day, take some time off and pamper yourself. A break at a spa will relieve your stress as well as leave you feeling fresh and pumped up for the ceremonies. We bring you five absolutely necessary bridal spa treatments:

For your first step as a Bride The beautiful anklets you've bought for your wedding can't adorn feet which are cracked and unruly. Pedicures are simply a part of your bridal routine, a necessity. When you're sitting crossed legged during the ceremony, you don't want your feet to look scruffy from under your sari. So a pedicure of your choice, Paraffin is recommended if you have tanned feet, but other options like French, chocolate and exfoliating pedicures are also available at spas. pedicure Add to your Mehendi Your hands can't look bad during your wedding ceremonies. Imagine your mehendi ceremony if your nails are unclean and chipped. The horror, don't put yourself in a situation like this. Get your manicure and pedicure done well in advance, since it'll be a mess getting it done after your mehendi ceremony, your mehendi will fade and loose its beauty. professional-manicure-2279 Getting rid of the harm Every bride goes through the usual waxing routine before her wedding. Add body polishing to that regime, it doesn't take long and usually involves just exfoliating and scrubbing of your skin. It works wonders, removes your tan and removes your skin with a subtle glow. If you're going to follow this a week before your wedding, then moisturize your skin daily to maintain it with a cream that fits your purpose. header_spa

Pamper your Tresses It's an idea time to deal with any hair problems you face regularly. Dry hair, rough hair, oily hair or dandruff stricken hair, fix them with the needed hair spas. Most might require 5-10 sittings at the spa, so start your routine at least 3 months before your wedding day. 4shutterstock_46781203 A Glowing face This gain, differs from person to person. Pick a facial that suits your skin type, oily, dry or mixed skin. Most spas offer you facials that meet your needs including wedding specials so opt for those. Also ask them for tips to follow in your everyday routine for any skin problems you face. Beautiful young woman lying relaxed in a spa salon