Many brides overlook the make-up and leave it completely in the hands of their make-up artist. That is good to a certain extent but you need to keep a track of mistakes that brides commonly make. We bring you five things to look out for and correct in case they occur. Skipping trial Never skip your makeup trial with your make-up artist. It is a very integral part of your wedding day. It will not only prep you up but also show you what your make-up artist is capable of and if they meet your needs. Since you have time during the trial and are relatively stress-free when compared to your wedding day, it'll give you time to concentrate on the details and make the needed changes.Arun Titan Studio (4) Trying Trends Don't go for excessive bronze or neon shades just because it's what the celebrities have been sporting. Remember that your pictures and memories are going to last for a lifetime. So keep it classy instead of trendy, elegance is the key. Soumya Radesh Photography (35) Too much Shimmer Glitter needs to be kept under control. Many brides go all out with body shimmer, golden eye shadow and lip gloss, it'll end up looking tacky. Most photographers use flash and that will reflect light back to the camera, hence resulting in white spots across your face. Neeta Shankar  (8)   Wrong kind of Base Yes, foundation is important but do not pile it up because it will be pretty obvious and also make you increasingly uncomfortable throughout the day. Avoid using foundation containing SPF, it forms a sheen on your skin and reflects flash in photographs. Also covering up with powder is recommended but even that will be made obvious after a point and look fake. Keep in mind that your foundation is water proof, you are bound to shed a few tears and it can't look messy..Neeta Shankar  (26) Forgetting body make-up Many people don't give importance to body make-up. Your neck and arms are often a different tone when compared to your face, so don't forget to apply substantial coverage. It can just be a thin layer so the difference isn't obvious to the people around you and in pictures. Neeta Shankar  (1)