Khadi Jamdani, Kanjeevaram, Patan Patola, Kalamkari, Bandhani and Ajrakh and not mere words, but are traditions in which clothing has been made for centuries! Each has its own method, and is made in different parts of our country. Some of them are of Persian Origin and have got the patronage of Mughal Emperors! This is the backdrop for this Groom Wear collection from Gaurang Shah! Majestic and Otherworldly, this is a collection of must-have for any groom looking for a classical royal look! 13680846_852409154891434_2268911067266143738_n13680895_852409138224769_3471688207981906716_n 13645241_852409201558096_6164165976800806662_n 13680937_852409128224770_3097257099988948478_n 13681027_852409068224776_4707326814294289294_n 13876237_852409101558106_6537954273888722294_n 13876411_852409111558105_1566761017971343097_n 13882119_852409064891443_1456380501326792888_n 13882673_852409188224764_4218207114207794435_n 13680600_852409091558107_5246836003260977952_n