Traditionally, Brides wore white, flowy gowns on their weddings as it indicated purity, chastity and innocence of a woman. But now, the idea of what that colour represent makes us cringe. And many choose to wear colourful wedding gowns not just out of spite but sincerely because they want to show individuality on their big day. And the current trend is to add a tiny splash of colour to their white wedding gowns by dip-dying it instead of completely dismissing the classy white one. Which is not a bad idea, really. You get to keep peace between everyone this way. Here are some awesome ideas to turn your all-white gown into a colourful wedding dress. Dip dyed wedding dress Dip Dye gown (6)Dip dye Gown (12) Dip dye Gown (9)Dip dye Gown (11) Dip Dye gown Dip Dye gown (3)Dip dye Gown (10)Dip Dye gown (4)Dip Dye gown (7) Dip Dye gown (2)