In a country where normal citizens themselves don’t show up with enthusiasm for the freedom to exercise their voting rights on Election Day, this couple sure is making waves with their move!

Today, on this bright sunny summer morning, Sunitha and Arima got married in a beautiful elegant ceremony here in Chennai! It was the most memorable day of their lives. But this was made all the more unforgettable not just for them, but their guests as well when the couple promptly left after the ceremonies for the Voting booth so they could cast their vote!

Once they joined the queue, people stood around cheering for the bride and groom, conveying their wedding wishes. The atmosphere was charged with positivity and the determination to bring about a change in the system! The bumper prize though was when the booth officer himself made an appearance in between his busy schedule to congratulate the couple and mentioned how ecstatic he was by their move and that this would inspire others as an act of awareness. Rotary club made their day even more special when they took a picture to remember the meticulous moral act of the couple casting their votes. They were unanimously cheered on by everyone there and this act truly was unforgettable in more ways than one.

We are incredibly proud to say that Sunitha is a classic case of client turned friend, for whom we helped plan the wedding despite her being from Canada and she has been an absolute sweetheart, even asking our Wedding Consultant to be her bridesmaid! Gestures like these are extremely close to our hearts, but what truly had us salute this couple with respect is their decision to go vote on the very day of their wedding! Thank you @mystic-studios# for capturing these memorable photos for the couple. Team Shopzters wishes Sunitha and Arima a very happy married life and salutes them for their brilliant move!