Gowns! The ones that touch the floor, they look so stately. You wear them, and you automatically feel like a woman, irrespective of how old you actually are! That is the effect gowns have on most of us! So while browsing through images on the internet, we struck a jackpot when we saw the gowns designed by Gaurang Shah! Ha! Thought he did only super awesome Sarees didn’t you?

These gowns are so old school! They have fitting- almost corseted busts and a gazillion pleats! And do we not love pleated skirts! From sweetheart necklines, boat necks to halter necks and collared necks, this collection has something for every girl! The prints are awesome, and the sleeves are super cool! This is a collection that should not be missed! So have a look and gawk. We sure did! *wink wink*