Every little girl is an angel stepping into the world of reality ahead of her. They leave a little sparkle wherever they go. We always adore their cute little expressions, pee-ka-boo faces and the innocence in their smile. And, the moment we see them all clad up in classics is when we realize that nothing can beat their level of cuteness!

Every girl loves to take her mumma’s shawl to drape herself a saree. It gives her the fun of feeling like a woman while she flaunts the pleats of the saree. The fun is never lost when she is dressed up in a traditional pattu paavadai with her hands holding the skirt all time to take safer steps! To see the tiny being dressed up traditional is nothing less than a ‘wow’ moment for us!  Have a look at these trendy pattu paavadais for your naughty little one at home!

A perfect blend of bright shades with a glossy touch for a brighter day!

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Checks are never out of fashion. It is a fashion by itself ! The lighter shade of fern green can never disappoint any look.

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An amazing contrast for your kiddo. Contrasts are indeed the new trend!

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The mild blue and white is sure to be perfect for your angel ! Subtle and loveliest !

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The multicoloured tiny frills uplift this outfit by giving more beauty . Try this combo of colours

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The red blouse with golden designs give a rich and a grand look. Perfect for any grand occasion!

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Lime green and pink! A deadly combo that can make the outfit more vibrant!

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The rick silk border highlights this piece! It brings back the fashion to trend again!

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