We came across this 'hatke' pre-wedding celebration covered by The Memory Writers and could not help ourselves but fall in love with them! We found this celebration to be so full of inspirations for all you lovely readers, we knew we had to bring this to all of you! We simply cannot wait to bring their Wedding Story, which is coming out soon! So here we have, the Pre-Wedding celebration of Saranya and Deepak, from The Memory Writers in their own words.

Weddings can be super fun! Emotional, yes; Sentimental, yes; but so much fun too! That was something we saw and experienced at the Super Awesome wedding of Saranya and Deepak. Their wedding began with a fun Sangeet, Mehendi and guess what? Holi! Yes, you read that right! When your wedding does not fall on a festival, you bring the festival to your wedding! They had a super cool celebration with a bevy of cousins, close friends and the star of the event, Rusty! From 'In Trend' frames, to lots of lights, placards, roses and colours, this wedding was super exciting to shoot! So have a look, and enjoy the Pre-Wedding pictures of Saranya and Deepak, just for you! MW (11) MW (14) MW (13) MW (15) MW (16) MW (19)MW (20) MW (21) MW (22)MW (12) MW (17) MW (18)MW (6) MW (10) MW (5)MW (3) MW (7)MW (8) MW (9)MW (23) MW (24) MW (1) MW (25)MW (2) MW (26) MW (4)