Gayathri and Hemanth's wedding story is straight out of movies. Telugu guy meets Tamil girl. They fall head-over-heels in love and end up having a fairy tale wedding. And excuse us if the story felt too condensed, we being us, were in a hurry to reach to the wedding part. Thankfully, the photographer ( Journeys of Euphoria ) wasn't because every single frame of this love story has been so intricately captured, it would leave you gasping for breath. And when you have a bride and groom looking as dashing and dazzling as these young couple in love, you are in for a treat!

The photographs, if you would notice, are candid. It is as if the subject of the pictures did not have an inkling that a photographer was sticking around with a camera round his neck. We would credit the photographer for making everything so seamlessly simple. All the emotions have been captured with such sheer brilliance, you'd wonder if anybody really ever posed? The best thing about all these pictures is that love sneaks in because it is allowed. And the events look like so much fun. We think  whatever looks fun, should be fun too. Check out the little one asking for it and getting drenched in the haldi ceremony along with the groom! Or how the groom and bride eye each other with an intensity that can burn the lens! gayathri hemanth journeys of euphoria (4) www.journeysofeuphoria.com10535657_1584870901774694_281355750517410193_o 1491270_1584874755107642_1703147599230943436_o 11027507_1584872791774505_6611210582104338284_o 11046545_1584874751774309_3884356407107008579_o 11114353_1584870905108027_1256176115420660491_o 11144988_1584871118441339_6661552697081171791_o 11406743_1584871145108003_3410953078380688869_o 11426767_1584870898441361_1585577727196074070_o 10945877_1584871378441313_2345162149967827660_o 11144988_1582768888651562_5841924607569931135_o