Having animals be a part of our most memorable frames has always been a rather enticing and exotic idea! Sure, a dog or two photobombing couple shots are fairly common given that they usually turn out to be their pets but it is a true rarity to see a wild tiger or a royal lion, peering into the camera with the couple in the background! Giving you an adrenaline rush already? Scroll down to check out the wild side photographed by @vows-by-siddhu-soma#!

This regal long-tailed Macaw is the perfect pop of colour in this frame! Doesn't he look adorable, peeking at the lens with those curious eyes?


These giant magnificent birds seem to be celebrating their own tale of love!


This cute pupper is at his obedient best! He has our heart with his adorable maroon bow. Just the perfect scenic shot on a hilltop, isn't it? 


This frame has so much depth! The macaw is ready to take off, just like this couple's love story! 


Haha, we love how this lady here wants all the attention for herself!  


When you're this cute, you're bound to take all the attention away from the married couple!