From the moment the horoscopes are matched to the moment you tie the knot, you’re surrounded by beautiful moments. These moments are those that won’t ever come back to you again. Aditya and Preethi ensured that their memories were treasured. With excellent lighting, contrasting colors, incredible detail and mesmerizing moments, they cherished their moments in an album. An album that not only shows their journey of love but also shows the intimacy and the warmth they share. The sparkle in her eyes and the contentment in her smile truly shows the love she has for Aditya. Surrounded by family, adorned with rose petals, as the toe rings went on, Preethi became Mrs. Aditya. A moment of aesthetic pleasure and bliss. A moment they will cherish for all their days to come. Moments captured by @studio-31#, the journey of their love has just begun!