People often underestimate the scope of work and the humongous amount of pressure and responsibility that a photographer has for every event that he/she takes up. And the extremely skilled team from @stories-by-jagans-photography# have always given a larger than life output!

Every photo is always beautifully shot, each telling its own tale. Even the moments that the eye can miss, they make sure is captured on film.  Their work is an ode to their extensive experience, creativity and their undying passion for the art of photography.

Post-wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots are always the closest to every photographer’s heart as it is then that they see the real bond and chemistry between the couple and their camaraderie is captured in all of its essence. We are absolutely in love with how they have captured all the grandeur of the traditional temple structures these photos are set against with panache and style.

We cannot get enough of all these artsy shots. These photos will definitely be one of the most prized possessions for this young couple! Memories captured, one photo at a time!