Trendy, Traditional, Extremes and In-Betweens!! That’s How You Party At Your Wedding!

North Indian Wedding Inspirations

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Neeru and Avnish Kumar just know how to celebrate their Love. They hit all of it from Trendy to Traditional at their wedding celebration and it turned out to be an Epic Win! Neeru is also going to let you know how have an amazing decor setting with just lights and flowers, so you can stand in the middle and glow like a goddess! Don't miss out on these inspirational wedding pictures. And don't forget to comment on what your style is!12143219_1041304505909283_8014949680545683149_n 12112269_1041304242575976_4617441030731877921_n 12107876_1041303902576010_2748702684913723948_n 12096497_1041306899242377_2031107541814325422_n 12047114_1041304232575977_4103975480888573470_n 11230652_1041304642575936_2843661266990946571_n 10686839_1041304645909269_3447320856435489102_n   11873412_1011744105531990_3729047111533007669_n 11870726_1011744688865265_7635588959748009051_n 11866449_1011744122198655_8029169071935076431_n 11831779_1011744598865274_4076595076640571393_n 11828833_1011741572198910_1346034070500178639_n 11822734_1011741555532245_9045455531702305920_n 11822635_1011744292198638_2702812748428537092_n Captured by...

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Sreevitya Utayan

Looks wonderful like a fairy tale wedding... :) :)

11 Feb 2016
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