Smiles That Shine Like Diamonds

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 10th-Sep-2016

Even after months of planning, things have a way of getting out of hand and cause untold trouble. MUA falls sick. Decorators demand full payment. Blouses get messed up. Forget to buy necessary ritual items for the ceremony. All these happen in the last minute. And it's scary, stressful and gives you sleepless nights. But what if? When everything runs smoothly like a well-oiled machine, when your wedding planner- be it a professional or your parents- had the foresight to make contingency plans, when everything falls into place with neat little click, there is nothing else to do but sit back and enjoy the ride. What does that look like? Aditya Mendiratta captures moments of pure joy, and laughter, and love. This lovely photo series brings a smile to our faces and reminds us that weddings are indeed a joyous occasion.

  1. They say that a black-and-white photo reflects the soul of the subject. And this beautiful soul with her dimpled laugh is making us smile sheepishly at random moments.1
  2. This photo says, I don't know what she's saying but her laugh is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Now isn't that cute?2
  3. A smile that reaches her eyes, lights up the whole place.                                       3
  4. It's always the funny guys that we fall hard for, no?4
  5. We can't get enough of this picture. The hands of the relatives holding the pot up, the sheet of milk raining down on the bride, trickling down her nose, and the heart-felt joy of being bathed in it, so much happiness.5
  6. As the groom still stirs the contents of the pot with enthusiasm to find the rings, the bride beats him to it, here it is, love, she holds it up.6
  7. This is what appreciation for each other looks like.7
  8. Blushing bride looking beautiful bathed in cheerful yellow.                                       8
  9. This bride is enjoying the massage oil on head ritual, 'Ah, that's the spot!'9
  10. This colourful photo of the groom trying to toss garland over bride's head and the shower of petals frozen in mid-air, has got us cheering!10
  11. Look at her admiring the groom's laugh. It's giving us Goosebumps.11
  12. Joking and laughing out loud, everywhere you look there is happiness.12
  13. This chilled out bride is dancing like a boss.13
  14. Toothy-grin lounging on faces with a casual grace.14

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