Real Wedding

A Telugu Wedding And Its Awe-Inspiring Grandeur.

Date: 23/12/2017

Our beautiful bride Rudhra tells us her wedding story in a very attractive narration. Read on to know how her failytale happened.

Prasanna and I met at a dinner party and we instantly felt very comfortable with each other. The moment I met him something kept saying that maybe he was the one. I guess he felt the same too.

Ruds: ha ha ha ur wearing a pink shirt! thats gay! 
Prasanna : thats not gay! How can u girls take ownership of pink! Men do wear pink sometimes. 
Ruds: gay gay gay 
Prasanna : nope. Im not! 
Ruds : yes u are Mr GAY 
Prasanna : duh! 

A week later, Prasanna messages on Facebook:
Prasanna: You still think I am gay...?
Ruds: Of course, no doubt
Prasanna : well, how about we discuss this over  a cup of coffee?
Ruds ~excited but wants to keep up the typical girl attitude ~ um... well, okay. 

Coffee dates were soon Followed by biryani dates. Incessant dates, dog walks drives and the local food. Between those starry eyes, that moustache and a plate of hot mutton biriyani, love found us. 

3months later
Prasanna: im not sure if this astrology thing is getting along well as much as we do. But looks like this is important for us to get married right. 
Ruds : wait. We are getting married.? (butterflies in stomach) You Love Me? I did not  know
Prasanna : i dont think i need to tell u this, isnt it obvious? 
Ruds (jumping up and down) 

And then came kabali, our first kid. We fell in love with each other another round with the arrival of this adorable pup


4 years later 
Prasanna: my parents are coming to ur house tommorrow i think 
Ruds: what? What do u mean.? Im not even ready. I have to go pick up a dress, look at me, i look like a rat. What are they gonna think of me?. Oh shit oh shit. 
Prasanna : um, well, its about time. ~ hangs up~
Ruds: whaaaaaaaat.? ~ hyperventilating ~

The engagement 
Having only two days time it was very hectic but i enjoyed every bit of it 
If it wasn’t for Bamboo Events and my dear friend vidhya we wouldn’t have made the engagement a grand event. 
Wardrobe courtesy : @malibooclothing#
Being a designer myself I could decide anything for myself. I decided to settle down for something neat and simple. 

Venue : my house in rukmani nagar. 

The pooja 
This was one event where i had time to click pics with my adorable little dogs. It was heart touching as i knew i was no longer gonna stay with them after I am married. 

I spent only half an hour to pick up my wedding sarees as im not a big fan of hours n hours of shopping. Out of the 20 sarees I saw, I draped around 5 and  i picked up 3 sarees out of the 5 of different colours from Tulsi Silks. Time spent was around 45 mins. 
I got all the accessories from mint street from a couple of tiny shops 
Lehanga was custom made from @malibooclothing# again. It was a big challenge especially when I had to make my own outfit bug got an opportunity to understand a bride even better 
Make up artist : danam from vurve
Photography : The Memory Writers - A team of enthusiastic photographers.
Food : madampatty rangaraj. 
Decoration : the minds eye
Costume : @malibooclothing# chennai and @malibooclothing# coimbatore
Jewellery : challani jewellers, Durga diamonds
Mehandi Farana
Invitation : the art brew - Avanti



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