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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

"Fashion is instant language" The sarees of Aadambharaa, speak volumes about the effort that has gone into its making. Every saree is in a class of its own, where tradition meets the contemporary. Introducing Sruthi Ashwin Shekher's AADAMBHARAA Collections! Lets hear it from her! aadhambaraaAadambharaa means extravagant / lavish in Tamil. Our on line,silk store houses a variety of silk sarees which are trendy , vibrant and chic.We use only pure silk fabrics like silk kanchivarams , mulberry raw silk , pure Tussar silk and banarasi brocades. aadhambaraa2Zaris have been used in the royal attire since ancient times. Silk sarees with zari look royal and we add beauty to the saree by giving extra work at the borders. Aadambharaa's Haute Silk collection is a delightful mix of pure silk sarees with contemporary work handcrafted on the borders. aadhambaraa1The silk material carries a natural gleam, which will make the saree appear a class aside. We have even introduced cut work sarees. aadhambaraa4Neon is a perpetual fashion favorite for summers. We decided to go with Neon shades for 2013 summer. We decided to chose mulberry raw silk fabric with neon shades like citron yellow, orange blaze , cobalt blue , shocking pink , lime green etc. aadhambaraa3FB Link: Come, revel in the richness of the fabric and take home your very own collections!

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