The Love For A Red Animal Print Saree Never Fades

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Date: 14th-May-2018

Sarees have always been the very first choice any South India bride would take besides he husband she is about to marry. Because sarees give us a charm and glow that nothing else can. Kannan Rajamanickam, one of the most sought-after makeup artists speaking about the red saree that was presented to him as a token of our love, gratitude and appreciation.

"Dear Ananthra By Shopzters, Thank you so much for the amazing Kanchipuram saree. Appreciate it a lot"

He did not only stop at that. He even went the extra mile in dolling one of his models up with this gorgeous six yards of magnificence and doing a completely dazzling makeover on her. These pictures are proof that a woman looks the most prettiest when she is at the traditional finest!









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