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Special Feature – Designer Nandhitha Dev!

4th Aug 2013

Here's a special feature for all women, who love designing their own wardrobe!! Meet Nandhi......

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Boutique of the month – August!

3rd Aug 2013

Anya  , the very name creates a spark in the mind of women, who look towards filling their ward......

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Photography of the month – August!

2nd Aug 2013

One of the most sought after wedding photographers in recent times, Sowmya has carved a niche for he......

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Tips for the bride – Basics of make up!

27th Jul 2013

Want to look like a more polished version of you on your wedding day?! Here's what you need to k......

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Boutique of the month – July!

17th Jul 2013

I am very happy to feature "Queen's Jewel Emporium", the leading manufacturers and ret......

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Photography of the month – July!

16th Jul 2013

Here's The Wedding Runner as the Photography of this month! Started just 6 months ago, The Weddi......

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Tips for the Bride – Mehandi!

11th Jul 2013

You should apply it 48 hours before the event. The mehandi usually gets darker after a few ho......

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Get D’signed with Mehandi!

6th Jul 2013

This special feature is about Get D'signed, a place for people who are looking out to organizing......

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Tips for the bride – Hair Style!

1st Jul 2013

Talk to a hair stylist as soon as the date for your wedding has been finalised. This consultation......

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Tips for the Bride – Wedding Shopping!

29th Jun 2013

While buying sarees for the wedding, it is best not to buy all the sarees in one day! It will not on......

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Dos and Don’t s of bridal makeup!

26th Jun 2013

Get your bridal makeup right by following these rules: FOR YOUR FACE: DO -Stick to a classic ......

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Photography of the month – June!

24th Jun 2013

For the photography of the month, this month's feature would be AK photography by Aroun Kesavara......

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