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How To Plan Your Mehendi?!

17th Dec 2014

Did you feel like your wedding day just went by in a flash? (You don't have reasons to panic if ......

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5 Tips To Look Picture Perfect In Your Wedding Pictures

15th Dec 2014

Your pictures from the special day will live forever, they'll be passed on to your relatives and......

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8 Tips To Dress For Your Couple Shoot

14th Dec 2014

Couple Shoot has become an integral part of wedding photography. So much effort goes into it, right ......

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Boutique of the month - December'14!

13th Dec 2014

Such a fulfilling talk it was! So inspiring to hear the success story of Sathya, the brain......

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How To Pick Your Bridal Outfit

12th Dec 2014

Her wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of her life, the most important. Shouldn't sh......

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Travel Diary - Maldives!

11th Dec 2014

Strolling by the blue-green waters with your sweetheart, sipping on a drink and dipping your feet in......

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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

10th Dec 2014

Pre-wedding arrangements can be mentally exhausting! And wait... I am not even talking about mine. I......

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The Tam-Brahm Wedding Diary!

9th Dec 2014

We are just starting a series of posts on different types of weddings and its rituals. What better w......

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Top 5 Essential Makeup Tips!

8th Dec 2014

1. Picking your foundation: The first step to getting your make- up right is to pick a foundati......

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Love in the silhouettes of Maldives!

7th Dec 2014

I love you in the morning and in the afternoon! I love you in the evening and underneath the moon! A......

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Top 5 Reception Outfit Ideas for Groom!

5th Dec 2014

It's the bride's first social gathering after her special day. But, we know our groom needs ......

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50 Visa Free Travel Destinations!

4th Dec 2014

Shakthi Tours & Travels' Takeoff Thursday With travel becoming an integral part in the pr......

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