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25 Killer Candid Shots From 2015 Are Going Far On The Memory Lane!

31st Dec 2015

Who doesn't love Candid Shots right? The art of actually capturing brink of moments before its t......

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Decor Inspirations From Vamsi and Havishya's Wedding!

30th Dec 2015

It only becomes totally a believable yet, out of the world experience when you're put right in t......

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10 Of Shopzters' Fashionistas From The Year 2015!

29th Dec 2015

You'll know what we're talking about if you love 'Fashion'! It is true that every br......

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40 Exquisite Bridal Jewellery Which Caught Shopzters' Eye!

28th Dec 2015

Isn't the jewellery hunt the most happening and kind of stress a bit more than the other hunts? ......

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40 Jaw-Dropping Couple Shoot Moments Which Impressed Shopzters This Year!

25th Dec 2015

Recent Wedding Stories have seen a drastically increasing 'Couple-Shoot' either a Pre-Weddin......

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Eclectic Collections From Kushals!

25th Dec 2015

Every bride deserves beautiful jewellery to complement her wedding trousseau. Take your pick from an......

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It’s A ‘Falalalala First Christmas’ For These New Brides- Real Brides! Real Talks!

24th Dec 2015

We're excited more than probably even the new brides when it's something as emotional and cl......

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Ever Fallen 'In Love' With Love? Shopzters Did! 25 Couple Portraits Of The Year '15

22nd Dec 2015

Photographers these days are bent on creating and composing beautiful love stories which tell a mill......

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35 Bridal Portraits From '15 Are Shopzters' Favourites!

21st Dec 2015

Bridal Portraits have always been one of the most important shots at a wedding, ever since the times......

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Photography Of The Month! – December’15

20th Dec 2015

Shopzters is glad to have connected with the lovely and awesomely talented husband and wife duo Ashw......

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Boutique of The Month! - December'15

19th Dec 2015

It's quite a struggle for Christian brides who prefer Saree over Gowns. Why? Lack of variteies a......

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16 Designer Studios In Chennai That Are Becoming Every Bride’s Favourite Stop!- Part II

18th Dec 2015

A continued list of Design Houses that we had compiled for you earlier! The list is just getting int......

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