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9 Candid Wedding Shots Of Vidai That's Full Of Emotions

20th Apr 2017

Weddings come with a whirlwind of emotions. This is especially true in case of brides. After years o......

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11 Fun Customs in Indian Weddings That You Should Not Miss

6th Jan 2017

India is known for its diversity. People from various communities adhere to a set of traditions that......

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A Kongu Wedding Experience At It's Finest!

20th Dec 2016

Rituals, they are not mere practices that we follow, they do not come under 'Steps to Reproduce&......

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That Moment When Lives Of Two People Irrevocably Changes

24th Sep 2016

All the rituals and the ceremonies at the wedding are leading up to that one moment- tying the knot.......

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Exchange of Garlands - The Battle Of Love & Laughter

15th Aug 2016

The most fun part of any wedding is the exchange of garlands! It brings out the mischievous child fr......

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30 Beautifully Captured Vidai Moments

8th Aug 2016

Every girl starts dreaming about her fairy tale wedding since a very young age. From her outfit, to ......

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Celebrating Every Girl's First Hero ~ Showcasing 40 Best Father - Daughter Moments !

19th Jun 2016

At every wedding, he makes the most important arrangements, he welcomes the guests and makes sure ev......

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Overwhelming Of Emotions, A Moment To Cherish – Thaali Moment

7th Jun 2016

The moment every girl waits for a moment for which every daughter's parents plan to pe......

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Oonjal, A Wedding Ritual To Relish And Remember!!!

17th May 2016

South Indian weddings are always special for the unique rituals that are performed. Especially Tam-B......

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30 Pics That Show That Mother's Love Knows No Boundaries!

8th May 2016

The relationship you have with your mother is one that is truly unique and timeless. There'......

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When Weddings Become More Of A Family 'Thing'! We Be So Cool!

19th Feb 2016

One of the many things that are common with weddings in India is that at the end of the day, the wed......

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He Will Always Be Her King And She, His Precious Princess!

15th Feb 2016

After a million 'love' quotes taking over social media, it's only fair to keep spreading......

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