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Rings Of Fire – Photo shoot Ideas For This Diwali

10th Oct 2017

Diwali being the festival of lights, every photographer’s delight is to play with the lights a......

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16 Mandap Decor Ideas For Your Outdoor Wedding

22nd Jun 2017

The auspicious ‘Phera Ritual’ in the Mandap is not only the most significant but also th......

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Chic Decor Without Breaking The Bank

16th Jun 2017

The savvy décor guru’s at Vivahhika share secrets to creating the ultimate wedding d&ea......

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Top Places In South India To Have A Royal Wedding

24th May 2017

In India, a country well known for its unity in diversity, taking the sacred oath to begin a journey......

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6 Love Nooks In South India For Your Post Wedding Photo Shoot

3rd May 2017

There is something about post wedding photo shoots that puts a grin on our faces. The wedding celebr......

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Add A Dream Like Effect to Your Pre - Wedding Shoot With Smoke Bombs: A Trend to Try in 2017!

1st Mar 2017

Drone shots, selfie stations and photo booths, classic film photography, editorial style shots, capt......

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10 Last Minute Wedding Planning Details You Can’t Afford To Forget!

6th Jan 2017

After days of researching, saving and planning, finally your Big-Day is just around the corner. Does......

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5 Ideas For Couples To Have Fun At Their Wedding!

6th Jan 2017

Weddings don’t have to be fun for just the guests. The Star-Couple can have their bit of fun a......

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Small Touches To Increase The Guests Comfort!

5th Jan 2017

Indian Weddings are elaborate (this is an understatement) and super fun (this is so true) to attend.......

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For An Auspicious Beginning - Pre-Wedding Shoot At Ancient Temples

3rd Oct 2016

Be it a tourist attraction or pilgrimage haven, a temple is a sacred place. It's a place where p......

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Heart Strings - Guitar Photo Shoots For The Romantic Couples!

1st Oct 2016

Love inspires us to find beauty in everything we see, in everything we hear, and in everything we fe......

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Framing Tales Of Love And Laughter

30th Sep 2016

In this era, where everything is instant and virtualistic, it's hard to remember the beauty of c......

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